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Dr. Hany Azer

Growing up in Elminia, Egypt, Dr. Hany Azer and his family owned a black and white cat named Boosie. Young Dr. Azer used to pretend he was a veterinarian and that Boosie was his patient. Along with constant encouragement from his parents, Dr. Azer's early experiences with Boosie made him realize that veterinary medicine was his true passion!

Dr. Azer's veterinary career began when he volunteered at Brown Trail Animal Hospital. Afterwards, he attended the Oklahoma State University School of Veterinary Medicine and began clinical rotations in 2010. After working for another local hospital for two years, he decided to open up his own practice in Mansfield. Dr. Azer's very own pet hospital, St. Mina Animal Hospital, opened for business in 2013.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Azer particularly enjoys Orthopedic work; nothing compares to seeing a pet rehabilitated back to full health!

Dr. Azer and his wife Marian have three kids: Veronica, Sandra, and Mina. The family shares their home with two pets named Penny and Sophie. Dr. Azer's parents, brothers, and sister all live close by in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well.

When he's not busy at the clinic, Dr. Azer loves spending time with his children and taking them to the park to play. He's an avid reader and loves anything that furthers his medical knowledge. Dr. Azer is also active as a deacon and Sunday school teacher in his church.

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