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Care to Share

Refer a friend or family member today!

and both of you receive a $20 credit towards any visit

PLUS a big dose of love from all of us too!

Have fun & start SHARING THE LOVE today!

They’ll receive a $20 credit (and love you for it)… and as a THANK YOU you’ll receive a $20 credit too!

Here at St. Mina Animal Hospital our daily passion is to exceed your expectations … and fantastic clients like you make doing what we love even better!

Many of you already recommend us to your friends and family, and to show our appreciation we’ve created a special Care to Share program that will be FUN for both you and the pet parent you refer!

Here’s how it works: take some Care to Share cards home and continue sharing the love to any pet parent you feel would be a fit with the St. Mina Animal Hospital (think about those who love their pet more than anything else!)

And now…when your friend or family member becomes a new client each of you will receive a CARE TO SHARE $20 credit towards anything we offer (food, treats, toys, or even your next visit!

The more pet parents just like you… the more fun and enjoyable it is for everyone! Here’s to building the best “PET CRAZY” community ever!

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