Proud to be Your Fort Worth Veterinarian!

Are you in need of a Fort Worth veterinarian? St. Mina Animal Hospital is proud to serve animals throughout the Fort Worth community and beyond! Our expert staff is passionate about providing excellent care to our patients. That means we offer effective treatments at an affordable price. Dr. Hany Azer is one of the leading veterinarians in the area. He has been serving the community for years, and he is honored that you have chosen St. Mina for your pet’s veterinary care!

Is your pet in need of an updated vaccination or just a simple check-up? Our team can administer care in a safe and comfortable way without causing your pet to be anxious or nervous during their visit. We offer a wide variety of procedures to accommodate any of your pet’s needs.

Whether your pet needs a nail trimming, or even if they need a more advanced surgery, we are prepared to help your pet no matter what the issue.

Our goal is to provide your pet with the treatments and procedures they need without breaking the bank. We get to know our patients personally so that we can determine the best course of treatment. By understanding our client’s needs on an individual basis, we can design a treatment plan that is specific to their needs.

Our team has several years of experience caring for animals in our community. Your pet’s health is our top priority. We stay current on the most up-to-date information and technology that is currently available in today’s veterinary community. St. Mina wants you to receive the best treatment possible, so we do our part to encourage the furthering of education of our staff and clients as well. We believe that health starts at home, so we teach our clients about the best nutritional options available to their pet and provide information on how they can make sure their pet is receiving adequate exercise for their breed type.

If your pet becomes sick, we have integrated the best and latest technology into our hospital. This includes advanced diagnostic imaging technology, in house medical testing capabilities as well as a reference laboratory, a fully stocked pharmacy and a state of the art surgical suite.

Our veterinarian serving Fort Worth is proud to be your source for trusted veterinary care! St. Mina Animal Hospital considers all our patients as family, so that is the level of care that we aim to provide. Clients are always greeted with a friendly face and a warm smile. Our office has a friendly and inviting atmosphere that can relax even the most anxious pets.

If you would like to learn more about St. Mina Animal Hospital and why we’re the best choice for your Fort Worth veterinary care, call our office today by dialing (817) 453-7796, or fill out the online form directly on our Contact page. We look forward to meeting you and your pet!