Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy at Your 76063 Veterinary Hospital

Did you know that healthy teeth and gums can improve and potentially extend the quality of your loved one’s life? Since your pet can’t hold a toothbrush, it’s up to the owner to take on this important role! Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, St. Mina Animal Hospital offers both routine and advanced pet dentistry services.

Dental cleanings performed regularly are essential for your pet’s oral health and preventing dental disease. Every cleaning appointment begins with a comprehensive exam, to note any teeth that are missing, loose or ones that require extraction, along with any abnormalities of the mouth.

In order to care for your pet’s teeth, they must be placed under anesthesia. This helps to protect your pet and our staff members and make the entire process safer and more effective. All patients are carefully tested beforehand to make sure that they are healthy enough to be sedated.

A technician uses a high-speed dental scaler to remove plaque and bacteria from the teeth. Once this is completed, your pet’s teeth will be polished using a mint-flavored paste. Polishing creates a slick surface on the teeth that protects them from plaque build-up. The last step of a dental cleaning involves applying a sealant to your pet’s teeth, which serves to temporarily protect newly cleaned teeth from bacteria.

After everything is completed, St. Mina Veterinary Hospital will call you with an update and explain the veterinarian’s findings, along with discussing home care instructions, such as pain medication after a tooth removal. Your pet will is closely monitored throughout the day to ensure proper recovery.

Our veterinarian in Mansfield, TX wants to protect your pet’s smile. Call us today at (817) 453-7796 to learn more!

Pricing Information

Pricing includes dental cleaning, anesthesia, anesthesia monitoring, IV catheter and fluids, pain injection.

Preoperative lab work, such as bloodwork and radiographs, pain medications, antibiotics, and extractions are additional.