Give Your Pet the Gift of a Full, Healthy Life

Your animal companions are only with us for a precious amount of time, so being aware and invested in their ongoing health is crucial. The best way to achieve a long, happy life is by making a commitment to wellness care. Routine visits help to manage your pet’s current health and take steps necessary to extend the number of quality years you spend together. This proactive approach will save you time, money and even prevent stress or illness in your pet.

Wellness visits are regular appointments that allows your Mansfield veterinarian to monitor your pet’s ongoing health, just like humans have an annual physical to monitor their health. This is done by examining your pet to check for any signs of a potential problem. Your companion’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin and coat will be evaluated. Then, the vet will listen to your pet’s heart and lungs and conduct various other tests to assess overall wellbeing.

Wellness Visits with your Veterinarian in Mansfield, TX is Vital for Your Pet

This is also a great time while you are with your vet to discuss and implement proactive measures that will protect your pet from common illnesses and diseases. This can be done by developing an individualized vaccination plan based on your companion’s lifestyle and risk factors. Another way is through health advice that you can utilize at home, such as the correct diet, physical activity, parasite control and more.

If there are any signs of a health concern, we will develop a plan for addressing the problem as quickly and effectively as possible. Timeliness is a vital aspect of wellness care, because when we can identify medical issues early, we can treat them before they progress and become worse. In fact, early detection of disease can actually add years to your furry friend’s life.

Not only that, but routine visits provide a chance for us to know and understand both you and your pet on a deeper level. We always want you to feel relaxed and comfortable enough to ask questions and address your concerns. Along with that, your pet will feel more relaxed with us! We strive to foster and maintain close relationships with our patients and their owners, because it only improves our stellar quality of care. toward improving the quality of the care that we provide. The more we understand your pet’s unique needs, the better we will be able to meet those needs over the years.

St. Mina Animal Hospital offers comprehensive and affordable wellness care for pets of all breeds and ages. Come on in today and let us develop the perfect plan for your loved one! Call us at (817) 453-7796.