Our Staff

Marian Mena Azer, Office Manager

Marian, Dr. Hany Azer’s wife, works hard as our Office Manager to ensure the highest standards of quality and care in everything we do here at St. Mina Animal Hospital. Since joining our team in May of 2015, Marian has been overseeing all office operations, helping with scheduling reminders, verifying documentation, and billing. The part of her job that Marian enjoys best is doing pet reminders and helping the office stay organized while exuding her bright smile and positivity.

“Being able to come to work to support my husband, Dr. Hany Azer, is great” Marian says. At home, she enjoys spending her time studying with their kids, taking care of the house, meeting up with family, and going to church on the weekends. She helps prepare for Sunday school, providing lessons sand events. Marian and the Azers own a Pomeranian named Rosie, who is another member of the family she loves to spend time with and look after.

Kenzie Evans, Veterinary Technician, Staff Lead

Kenzie is a full-time veterinary technician and staff lead at St. Mina Animal Hospital. She assists with patient care and surgeries, performs radiographs, organizes community events, and interacts with clients. Kenzie loves assisting during surgical procedures and educating clients about preventative care. She appreciates the excellent synergy and encouragement amongst the staff, along with Dr. Azer’s mindset that the animals and their families come first.

In her free time, Kenzie enjoys camping, traveling, attending concerts, visiting family, and painting. She has three dogs, (Elvis, Presley, and Emory) and two bearded dragons named Rick and Morty.

Nisa Oviedo, Receptionist

Nisa joined the St. Mina Animal Hospital team in July of 2018 working as a full-time Receptionist. Some of her responsibilities as a Receptionist include greeting clients, weighing patients, appointment scheduling, laundry, walking and feeding the boarders, telecommunications, important clerical work, client communication, and much more!

The part of her job that Nisa finds most enjoyable is being able to put a smile on our clients' faces and making sure everyone and their pets feel at home.